Fear, lack of accessibility, limited finances and busy lifestyles are all barriers to accessing regular dental hygiene care.  We at Endless Smiles Dental Hygiene are here to break down these barriers.

The mobile service provided by Endless Smiles is an excellent option for corporates, individuals with busy lifestyles, large families, seniors, individuals with disabilities, long term care residents and homebound individuals.

What is needed for us to set up mobile services:

  • We need an area at least 6 x 8 ft., preferable uncarpeted.  We have rubber roll mats we can lay down on carpeted areas if that is all that is available.  We will barrier your belongings that cannot be removed from treatment area to protect from aerosols.
  • An electrical outlet in close proximity.
  • A hand washing sink in close proximity, a bathroom sink, not a kitchen sink.

This is typically what is brought along for a mobile set-up.  We do our upmost to leave your space as we found it.


We maintain strict infection control procedures in all settings to ensure everyone's safety and transport used instruments back to our central processing area to be sterilized.