ServicesDental hygiene exam-periodontal assessment, cancer screening and a referral to a dentist is available.

Preventative care/cleaning - scaling, polish and fluoride

Periodontal treatment-root planning, deep hygiene treatment is available to clients assessed with more advanced stages of periodontal/gum disease, administration of local anesthetic is available if required.

Teeth whitening-In office, * based on consultation, not recommended for all clients.

Pit and Fissure Sealants - thin plastic coating placed on newly erupted or cavity free teeth in an effort to prevent dental decay.

Tooth desensitization - based on assessment different options of desensitization will be recommended.

We provide services in our office or in a mobile setting.   We can bring the dental office right to you with our brand new state of the art mobile equipment.   We offer stress free, safe, enjoyable, cost effective, and convenient mobile services.  We follow strict infection control procedures in all locations to maintain everyone's safety.